Saint Bernards

Puppy Questionnaire

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The following is a list of questions required in order to place our puppies in suitable homes. The Saint Bernard is a people dog. They need to be with their people. If you are not prepared to spend time training, grooming, playing and making your new pup a part of the family, please do not apply. If loud snoring, mountainous masses of hair everywhere and drool on the walls and ceilings don’t faze you, you may be a Saint lover. Our puppies are sold with a contract stating responsibilities of both parties and with a Canadian Kennel Club non-breeding registration. A show potential pups’ status can be reversed when pre-established criteria have been met, i.e. – temperament, OFA hips, OFA elbows, CERF, conformation to the standard.

If you would prefer to download a copy, please click the link below and and either email a scanned, completed copy to or mail a paper copy to:
Joanne Gervais
Box 241
Seven Sister Falls, Manitoba
R0E 1Y0

Snowridge Puppy Questionnaire



Name: *
Address: *
Phone Number: *
How did you find us?
Why do you want a Saint Bernard?
What do you know about Saints?
Have you done any research on the breed?
Do you have pets now and if so, what kind?
Have you had pets (dogs, cats) before?
Do you plan on showing this pup?
What are your views on breeding?
Are you prepared to sign a spay/neuter contract?
Are you prepared to wait until the dog/bitch has matured and the growth
What sex would you prefer? Why?
What coat type are you interested in? (Saints can have short or long hair)
Are you aware of the health problems in this breed? (Hip & elbow dysplasia, entropion, ectropion, gastric torsion, osteosarcoma, dilated cardiomylopathy, etc.)
Do you own or rent? (If you rent, you must provide proof that you are allowed to have a large breed dog.)
Do you have a yard? How big? Is it fenced?
How many people in your family? Any small children?
Does everyone in the family agree to have a Saint Bernard?
Who will be the primary care giver?
What experience does that person have with training a large breed dog?
Where would the puppy sleep?
Have you ever used a crate to train a dog? What are your views on crates?
How much time would the puppy be alone on an average day?
Where would the puppy be kept then?
Do you plan on going to puppy/obedience classes with your puppy? If not, do you have alternate plans?
Giant breeds can be very expensive. Feeding a growing puppy a quality food, proper veterinary care, etc. can cost hundreds per month. Are you prepared to deal with this expense?
Have you considered Pet Health Insurance? (This can cover expenses such as regular vet visits to emergency surgery (broken bones, etc) and corrective surgery (ACL tears, hematomas, etc.)
Saint Bernards can live to be 10 or more and can weigh 125 to 200 lb. Are you prepared to provide a caring home for your aging pet?
How do you plan to transport your Saint Bernard?
Do you object to having a home-check done by someone in your area? (A home check is where someone would come to your home and see the environment that the Saint Bernard would live in and talk to you about Saint ownership.)
Do you have a veterinarian who is experienced with large breeds?
Does your vet vaccinate for everything annually or does he/she follow a 3 year program (Parvo one year, rabies the next, etc? (Over-vaccinating is unnecessary).
Please provide two references with phone numbers and contact info of the veterinarian that you plan to use.