Saint Bernards

Ch Meadowcreek's Step Aside, cgn

Ch. Meadowcreek's Step Aside CGNLila

Am Ch Caledonia Spin Doctor x Intl Ch Caledonia Angel In Disguise
February 5, 2004 – June 13, 2014

Lila was a big beautiful fawn Mastiff girl who hated the show ring. She much preferred to be at home either snuggled on the couch or out in the yard keeping her eye on those darned squirrels. She did win her class in the Futurity (15 – 19 month old females) at the Mastiff Club of America National Specialty in French Lick, Indiana in 2005 at 15 months and 160 lb and was RWB at the Canadian National Specialty that year also. She produced a litter of 5 pups for us and was a good mom to her babies. Four of her five pups were shown and they all achieved their Canadian championships. One of her pups, Toni, earned two puppy groups along the way!

Lila and I went to obedience classes and CGN classes and she earned her CGN. An unfortunate injury slowed us down so that we decided it was too late to try for an obedience title but she wowwed the crowd while we waited to enter the ring for her CGN trial. She decided that she was bored and found several people to give her a belly rub. Lila then retired to the couch and was actively involved in her cat obsession. The house has been very quiet without her.

Ch Lasquite’s Lucia II Snowridge

Ch Lasquite’s Lucia II SnowridgeLucy

Benbarons Uppercut of Eddie x Am Ch Lasquite’s Orlando V Hans
Breeder: Mlynn (Tikki) Smith
Oct 29, 2007 - July 10, 2012

 Lucy finished her Canadian championship in March 2009 from the 12-18 month class. She had beautiful movement, a good top line and great feet. She won the puppy sweeps at the Greater Twin Cities Saint Bernard Club specialty in 2008 at the age of 7 months and went reserve in 4 of 6 shows in the States by that age. She was BPISS, WB and BOSS at the Saint Fanciers of Manitoba specialty in October 2008 and garnered a total of 7 points in that weekend. She was handled expertly by Geri Thompson for 8 of her Canadian points and for her American showing.

Lucy had 3 pups on July 9, 2012 by C-section. She died of complications the next day. We were devastated by this loss. She was only 4 years old and would have been so thrilled with her puppies. Her pups, 1 boy and 2 girls, have stayed here.We couldn't bear to part with them. Lucy is missed every day.

Am BIS/Can MBOSS Ch New Sage Jasmine Ridge

Am BIS/Can MBOSS Ch. New Sage Jasmine Ridge Jaz

Am Ch New Sage Ensign C R Stoan x New Sage Disco Dis Way
Breeders: Gary & Carolyn New
April 8, 2004 – December 12, 2011

Our Jaz era began when Randy and I drove to Washington in June of 2004 to pick up this special girl. I think we surprised Gary and Carolyn New in that we wanted to meet the parents and were willing to travel so far to do so. On the way home, our little girl discovered KFC, burgers and several other goodies that a spoiled rotten lap dog should have.

She didn’t get her first points until she was 18 months of age. Jaz was a girl who showed well while in season. She seemed to make a statement – “Hey, here I am boys! Ain’t I special!” and she would really give her all then. At 19 months, she went WB, BOW, BOS at our Saint Fanciers of Manitoba specialty for a 3 pointer. She then finished at the Wheat City show in February 2006 and earned a G3 from the classes that weekend as well. The next time she was entered that year was at our Specialty in October. I had her entered for that and the all breed show that day only. She went BOS at our specialty and then earned a G2 in the all-breed. Was I kicking myself for not entering her for the other days! When I got a letter from CKC informing me that Jaz was #2 Saint in Canada for 2006, I was totally surprised. Then, she got an invitation to the AKC Eukanuba show as well. So thrilling! No matter, Jaz was happiest at home, zooming around the yard, going for walks in the bush and chasing rabbits, deer and anything else that popped up. And being her mom’s lap warmer.

In 2007, we decided to special Jaz at shows within a reasonable driving distance. She did quite well and was the number 1 Saint in Canada for that year. I had often thought of getting an AKC title on one of my dogs but Jaz was the first to be good enough to go for it so we were off to the Greater Twin Cities Saint Bernard Club specialty in April 2006. She acquired her first major there and I was thrilled. It was a wet, dreary drive both ways but I have the Saint Bernard bird house that Jaz won as a treasured memento. We decided to continue the quest for the AKC title and that led us to the final shows that Jaz attended. She needed 4 points with a major to finish so off we went to the 2008 GTCSB specialty again. It was a 3 point major for girls. Geri Thompson showed Jaz and I was thrilled when, at the end of the day, she went WB, BOW, BOB over 3 champion males for a 4 point win. The icing on the cake was that she then won the breed at the all breed show on the following two days.

Since the end of her show career, Jaz has been a homebody, doing what she enjoyed best -snoozing on the couch, cuddling, keeping the cats in line and enjoying life with her human and canine family. She thoroughly enjoyed mudding and when on our daily walks, she would often find a slough and wallow in it. My beautiful brown and white girl would come home black with mud up to mid-chest and then be hosed down to get the worst of it off. She was always unrepentant! It was fun!

She was always happy to greet anyone and loved every ounce of attention. Our evenings were spent with her at my feet after her cuddle time. Unfortunately, we discovered that Jaz had spondyolosis and that the ball of one hip had worn away over time. She was on medications for arthritis since August 2010 that made her life relatively pain-free but at a cost to her organs. We discovered that her liver was failing, then she decided to quit eating and it was time to let her be at peace. Each dog is an individual and each holds a special place in our hearts. This girl has taken a huge chunk of my heart with her. She is sadly missed by our entire pack. Sweet dreams, sweet girl...

Ch Sainthavens Angelique CD, cgn


March 18, 1999 - May 17, 2010

My old girl Angie was my “learner” show dog. She had the typical Saint temperament, gentle, loving and stubborn, very independent and smart. She was the busiest Saint I’ve ever owned. As a young dog, she would fetch sticks from the river, chase deer for hours while I stood on the walking trail calling her. She had a fascination for skunks that never waned. She enjoyed obedience classes but would not take the dumbbell or do clear jumps so a CDX was out of the picture. She was the four-legged leader of our pack until the bitter end. She led by intimidation and brains without ever drawing blood. She was fearless and over her lifetime, she has treed bears, met a porcupine and spotted numerous squirrels for the rest of the pack who didn’t have her acute vision. She succumbed to dilated cardiomyopathy two months past her eleventh birthday. She lead a full and glorious life and will be sadly missed.  

Ch Shadowfrosts Desperado

Ch. Shadowfrosts Desperado Desi

April 13, 2001 - February 24, 2005

Desi was a big, outgoing, loving boy who had a heart as big as his massive head. He was Angie’s boy and although he outweighed her by 60 lb., he did as he was told.

During his short life, we enjoyed going to conformation and obedience classes. Even when a dog would run up and challenge him, Desi was a a total Saint. He would stand his ground without showing any aggression and just give a "What the hey!" look. He had our classmates chuckling when he did his recall. They were sure he would run me into the back wall but not my boy! He would always veer at the last minute and miss me! He was a joy to share a home with.

Desi was a Mama’s boy and my Doofus and is greatly missed.

Meister’s Amadeus


June 1, 1993 – December 11, 1998

Ami was a big Rottweiler boy who taught me more about dogs than all my previous pets. We attended many obedience classes where I learned more about dog psychology than I had previously known. He was a velcro dog , always wanting to be with his people. He knew hand signals and could wave “bye bye” on command. He enjoyed playing “find the toy” or would get my boots when asked so that we could go for a walk. Gastric torsion took him at too young an age. It was hearbreaking and a huge loss.


June 1, 1986 – January 29, 1993

Cindy was a byb pup and we got her at the early age of 6 weeks. She was a smooth girl who was fine with teenagers but developed a fear of men, especially those in uniform. Her favorite tricks were to lick all the tops of empty pop bottles, steal chicken leftovers out of the garbage and not leave a mess and sneak into the living room when the parents were away. She loved to deliver papers with my son so she could drag him off after the ever-present deer in town. She died of congestive heart failure after months of ill-health.



May 24, 1975 – April 29, 1985

Sam was my first Saint and she was everything I had expected a Saint to be. Patient with the boys, a big Nana who would follow us everywhere. She sat between the boys car seats and would tuck her head under one while traveling. She had absolutely no prey drive. On a fishing trip, she sat patiently on the bank in the shade and watched a squirrel jump from one branch to another right over her nose! She would fill in as babysitter when I left the boys with a neighbour and would follow the youngest boy until I returned. She took her guardian duties seriously. She travelled with us from our first home in northern B.C. to southern Alberta and finally to Manitoba. Since we lived 3 doors from the elementary school in Pinawa, she took it upon herself to visit weekly so that the kids could give her hugs. She would also sit quietly at the end of the drive and greet any children who were walking home from school in a calm way. She had many admirers of all ages. She died of osteosarcoma just short of her 10th birthday.