Saint Bernards

Ch Sainthavens Angelique CD, cgn


March 18, 1999 - May 17, 2010

My old girl Angie was my “learner” show dog. She had the typical Saint temperament, gentle, loving and stubborn, very independent and smart. She was the busiest Saint I’ve ever owned. As a young dog, she would fetch sticks from the river, chase deer for hours while I stood on the walking trail calling her. She had a fascination for skunks that never waned. She enjoyed obedience classes but would not take the dumbbell or do clear jumps so a CDX was out of the picture. She was the four-legged leader of our pack until the bitter end. She led by intimidation and brains without ever drawing blood. She was fearless and over her lifetime, she has treed bears, met a porcupine and spotted numerous squirrels for the rest of the pack who didn’t have her acute vision. She succumbed to dilated cardiomyopathy two months past her eleventh birthday. She lead a full and glorious life and will be sadly missed.