Saint Bernards

Ch Shadowfrosts Desperado

Ch. Shadowfrosts Desperado Desi

April 13, 2001 - February 24, 2005

Desi was a big, outgoing, loving boy who had a heart as big as his massive head. He was Angie’s boy and although he outweighed her by 60 lb., he did as he was told.

During his short life, we enjoyed going to conformation and obedience classes. Even when a dog would run up and challenge him, Desi was a a total Saint. He would stand his ground without showing any aggression and just give a "What the hey!" look. He had our classmates chuckling when he did his recall. They were sure he would run me into the back wall but not my boy! He would always veer at the last minute and miss me! He was a joy to share a home with.

Desi was a Mama’s boy and my Doofus and is greatly missed.